Buy Yamaha 60HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine.

The class-leading F60 has been hailed as one of the finest mid-range outboards ever produced. Brilliant fuel economy matched with great torque and power means versatility that is second to none.

Within the F60 is a silky-smooth, 996cc, four-cylinder marine engine, that delivers an excellent power-to-weight ratio and exceptional refinement and fuel-efficiency. Out of the entire 4-cylinder 60 horsepower category, the F60 is the only Japanese Manufactured engine in its class; which boasts the reliability, refinement and quality that Yamaha engines are renowned for.

Utilising Yamaha’s exclusive Multi-Point Fuel Injection System (EFI) and Electronic Control Module (ECM), the F60 delivers impressive power and torque, smooth and comfortable operation, low noise levels and emissions, and the best fuel-economy in its class.

Yamaha F60 Half

996cc 4-Cylinder Marine Engine

Buy Yamaha 60HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine

The 1.0 litre, eight-valve, single-overhead camshaft, four-cylinder, long stroke design delivers ultra-smooth, useable power with low noise and vibration levels.
Large Single Throttle Valve

Buy Yamaha 60HP Four Stroke Outboard Engine: Specs

Air flow is precisely delivered to all four cylinders based on the demands of the driver and combustion conditions. The air is pulse-tuned, before it reaches the injectors of the EFI system which promotes a clean and efficient burn for maximum economy and power.
Variable Trolling Control.

Yamaha’s variable trolling control allows you to precisely adjust the engine’s idling speed from 650 to 900 RPM in 50 RPM increments. The ability to finely tune the trolling speed allows fisherman to perfect their lure presentation when chasing different species of fish.
Prime Start

Exclusive to Yamaha, Prime Start makes starting a Yamaha outboard as easy as starting a car. It allows the engine to be started cold by automatically controlling the engine ‘warming up’ process – eliminating the need for a conventional choke. You no longer need to ‘warm up’ your engine by revving it in neutral.
Power Trim and Tilt

Yamaha’s push-button trim control makes engine trim and tilt adjustments quick, smooth and easy, across a wide trim range. The negative trim settings allow for improved acceleration and the ability to bring the boat onto the plane more quickly.
Electronic Fuel Injection



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